Monday, January 4, 2016

Vessel Project

     This was my beautiful vessel piece! This clay candle holder was slightly difficult to make, however I overcame many challenges including smoothing the sides to try and keep my piece even and straight, gently carving out the suns and other details on both sides, and carefully painting the pattern onto my piece after it had been fired. The outcome of my goals were mostly successful however I do believe I could have improved on making the sides completely even to create a straight, even piece. In the future I would spend more time on this specific thing as well as taking more time to make the details more percise and not as sloppy. I felt that my color choice was very wise and calming which goes with the candle holder because candles are warm and calming. I felt that my open sun design was very clean as well as in a good spot on my piece. As i stated before, my piece will function as a candle holder where as the candle will sit in tbe middle of it and will be shown through the open details on the sides of my piece. I am overall proud and feel sucessful about my vessel piece and I am excited to bring it home and try it out!

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