Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spray-Paint Stencil!

This is my spray paint stencil. Many steps were taken to achieve this product, including finding a picture and photo-shopping it, tracing each color to a large piece of paper, cutting out the tracings to create stencils, and spray painting the stencils onto a piece of cardboard.

After photo-shopping the photo and printing it, i projected it onto a large piece of paper, I then traced each color onto separate pieces of paper. I struggled with this part of the project due to me being unable to match the picture up to the tracing the next day. I have learned my lesson of course, it was just very frustrating. This was not my best work, as you can see, only because of this silly mishap.

After cutting out my stencils, came the spray painting part(the fun part.) I learned that if you spray too close to the paper, then it creates puddles of paint, that can lead to the paint seeping under your stencil to places you did not plan on it going. I also learned that spray paint is very sticky and permanent(i am still trying to get it off.)

I know i could have done a better job if i had not messed up my stencils in the beginning of this project. It was not my best work, but it was a learning experience.