Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Up Close and Personal

This drawing was for my up close and personal project, which took a lot of brainstorming and playing with ideas. I came up with many ideas for this project such as a bug on a leaf, a spider face, a hand, cupcakes, trees, etc. I chose to do lips because when I look at lips I think about how intricate they are. I emphasized the highlights by using white, and placing it where the light hits the lips. The medium I used for this is chalk pastels. I chose this medium over the others because I have never worked with them before, and I wanted to try new things. My medium emphasizes my piece because I can use more smearing techniques to help things blend, such as the red on the lips. I took many risks during this project such as using a new medium. You have to be really careful with the smearing with this medium because if i had smeared the red into the white teeth, then it would not look good. I encourage trying new things and risks in art because if you don't take risks how will you know what you are best at? By me including medium and technique in my final project, my final project was how I wanted it to turn out.