Friday, September 20, 2013

What's The Point?

The "what's the point" theme sparked many ideas as to what i wanted to do my project on. I came up with many ideas for this project such as someone pointing, focus point, thorns on a rose, lion/tiger yawning, etc. I chose to do broken glass because it shows sharp ridges, also what's the point of a broken glass? I showed contrast in my work by using lights and darks in my shading, to give my glasses the object dimension. I chose to use pencil as my medium over pen or charcoal because I feel like I can get a lot of contrast and dimension out of pencil with lights and darks. In art you can make simple projects stand out by taking risks and thinking outside of the box. Don't be afraid to push your darks and think outside of the box. Trying new mediums to work with and get a feel for is always a good thing to do because you never know if you succeed better with other mediums. I can admit that I could have pushed my darks a little further, as well as try a new medium and take risks. The message that I am conveying is that broken glass can resemble a lot more than just a sharp object. You can relate it to many things related to life and feelings. Even if you feel broken like a broken glass, you can always be fixed, just as a broken glass can with glue. You may not be able to see this message in my drawing, but if you think about a deeper meaning than just broken glass, it can mean a lot more.