Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Inspired Artist

My inspired artist is John Brown. As you can see in the pictures above, Brown creates insects, butterflies, and birds by welding scrap metal into these figures. Although the assemblages are formed from salvaged materials like nails and bicycle chains, the pieces somehow remain delicate, wings appearing just as thin as a butterfly’s own. After this he detail paints the exact patterns as the butterflies have and try's to make his work as realistic as possible with the scraps he has. The Wales-based sculptor has lived in the rural west of his country for the past eight years, inspired by the fauna-rich valleys that compose the region. You can see more of his metal insects and other welded figures on his facebook and etsy page. His work is very inspiring to me because of how unique his ideas are. He is taking something that is trash and making it into something beautiful and that is something that draws me in because instead of adding more trash away from this beautiful planet and making it into something majestic. I tried to find his history but nothing popped up on google so I assume he is a random artist who was appreciated for these specific pieces. This inspires me to take something as simple as a piece of trash to create it into something beautiful. I love his work!

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