Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Creating these hump mold products was a very cool experience. The process of creating this cup included creating a clay slab and wrapping it around a styrofoam cup, then slipping and scoring to make it stay. After this I wanted to add a little texture because the outside of the cup wasn't very even so I took a patterned roller to roll out lines around the cup. As you can see in the pictures my cup cracked in the kiln :( however before it went in I somewhat liked this product (and it was fun breaking). I did not use the underglaze on my piece which may have made a difference in the fact of it breaking in the kiln. My finished product was somewhat successful but I do think I could have taken more time to insure that it wouldn't break in the kiln. I also could have made the walls thicker so that it would have been able to be somewhat useful in either drinking or eating from it or just storing items in it. Overall this was a learning process, as is every art project, and I always enjoy learning from my mistakes! 

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