Wednesday, January 6, 2016


For this mini lesson I practiced molding by using the snowflake molds and creating snowflakes of various sizes and shapes. In the long run I was going to use all of these and put them together to create a candle holder for my vessel piece, however this did not work because no matter how much I slipped and scored the snowflakes would not stay together. I was wrapping it around a cylinder to create the roundness of a candle holder but the clay just kept drying too fast and was not staying together to create the pattern and shape I wanted it to. I really liked the molding process because it created such beautiful snowflakes with such precise details and quickly too! I wish my candle holder idea could have worked out because once it had been finished the light patterns that would have shown through the sides would have been so beautiful. I do not have a picture of my actual piece in progress because it kept cracking and breaking so I threw it away :( however, here is a picture of the mold I used to create the snowflakes:

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