Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Origami Installation

This full class involved project was quite an enjoyable one! The process of making the cranes were surprisingly difficult at first (i thought i was a master of origami), but the few cranes I created turned out majestic after many trials and errors! I overcame my failures of wrong folds and edits and created my few single cranes and then moved to create a whole flock when putting the rest of the class' cranes together in the front lobby of the school. I learned a lot about origami as well as myself during this project such as learning patience and how origami is not as easy as it looks so it takes time to learn and succeed. The difference between the process and the finish product is that you start out with a piece of paper and fold it into something beautiful. The process takes time and patience and it has taught me to be patient with my artwork. The finished product gives such satisfaction and relief because of how tedious this process of origami is. The process of this specific finished product starts off with one finished crane to create a whole flock when putting everyone's cranes together. Looking at the finished product gives off such a calming and peaceful vibe, which is beautiful because of how much stress school puts on students and seeing that peaceful flock hanging over the front doors and lobby calms students and reminds them of peace and love and may even make everyone's day better. This tedious product created something beautiful and more than words can explain. I am happy that I was party in this finished product because you never know how a simple crane could change ones day.

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