Thursday, June 4, 2015

Final Exam Blog!

Oil pastels on canvas
Oil pastels on canvas
I create original art: 
I came up with the idea of creating these pieces when i was sitting in my room on a saturday night all alone. I was sad so i wanted to express it through art! The only materials i had were oil pastels and canvas. So i started smudging colors together to create a beautiful colorful background, then added small trees to the bottom of the canvas. Followed by this piece, i purchased a much larger canvas and did the same thing with brighter colors in class. However, on the larger canvas i wanted to create a one point perspective with the trees on the outside edges making it seem as if you were looking up at the sky. Originally i was trying to make the sky look like the northern lights, but it turned out more unrealistic and colorful than any normal sky. I like to think of it as my visual of life or earth, as so much more beautiful than it portrays itself to be! 

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